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e it, they tell me.... In fact, the Sollubi are subject to become wealthy and arrogant and lose their native vileness. What is origin of untouchable? Perhaps a fallen priest caste. In fact, untouchables perform a priestly function in taking on themselves all human vileness.) A. J. strolls through the Market in black cape with a vulture perched on one shoulder. He stands by a table of agents. "This you gotta hear. Boy in Los Angeles fifteen year old. Father decide it is time the boy have his first piece of ass. Boy is lying on the lawn reading comic books, father go out and say: 'Son, here's twenty dollars; I want you to go to a good whore and get a piece of ass off her.' "So they drive to this plush jump joint, and the father say, 'All right, son. You're on your own. So ring the bell and when the woman come give her the twenty dollars and tell her you want a piece of ass.' " 'Solid, pop.' "So about fifteen minutes later the boy comes out: " 'Well, son, did you get a piece of ass?' " 'Yeah. This gash comes to the door, and I say I want a piece of ass and lay the double sawski on her. We go up to her trap, and she remove the dry goods. So I switch my blade and cut a big hunk off her ass, she raise a beef like I am reduce to pull off one shoe and beat her brains out. Then I hump her for kicks." Only the laughing bones remain, flesh over the hills and far away with the dawn wind and a train whistle. We are not unaware of the problem, and the needs of our constituents are never out of our mind being their place of residence and who can break a ninety-nine year synapses lease? Another installment in the adventures of Clem Snide the Private Ass Hole: "So I walk in the joint, and this female hustler sit at the bar, and I think, 'Oh God you're poule de luxe already.' I mean it's like I see the gash before. So I don't pay her no mind at first, then I dig she is rubbing her legs together and working her feet up behind her head shoves it down to give herself a douche job with a gadget sticks out of her nose the way a body can't help but notice." Iris -- half Chinese and half Negro -- addicted to dihy- dro-oxy-heroin -- takes a shot every fifteen minutes to which end she leaves droppers and needles sticking out all over her. The needles rust in her dry flesh, which, here and there, has grown completely over a joint to form a smooth green brown wen. On the table in front of her is a samovar of tea and a twenty-pound hamper of brown sugar. No one has ever seen her eat anything else. It -is only just before a shot that she hears what anyone says or talks herself. Then she makes some flat, factual statement relative to her own person. "My asshole is occluding." "My cunt got terrible green juices." Iris is one of Benway's projects. "The human body can run on sugar alone, God damn it.... I am aware that certain of my learned colleagues, who are attempt- ing to belittle my genius work, claim that I put vitamins and proteins into Iris's sugar clandestinely.... I chal- lenge these nameless assholes to crawl up out of their latrines and run a spot analysis on Iris's sugar and her tea. Iris is a wholesome American cunt. I deny categori- cally that she nourishes herself on semen. And let me take this opportunity to state that I am a reputable sci- entist, not a charlatan, a lunatic, or a pretended worker of miracles.... I never claimed that Iris could subsist exclusive on photosynthesis.... I did not say she could breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen -- I con- fess I have been tempted to experiment being of course restrained by my medical ethics.... In short, the vile slanders of my creeping opponents will inevitably fall back onto them and come to roost like a homing stool pigeon." OъDINAъY MEN AND WOMEN Luncheon of Nationalist Party on balcony overlook- ing the Market. Cigars, scotch, polite belches.... The Party Leader strides about in a jellaba smoking a cigar and drinking scotch. He wears expensive English shoes, loud socks, garters, muscular, hairy legs -- overall effect of successful gangster in drag. P.L. (pointing dramatically): "Look out there. What do you see?" LIEUTENANT: "Huh? Why, I see the Market." P.L.: "No you don't. You see men and women. Ordi- ruzry men and women going about their ordinary every- day tasks. Leading their ordinary lives. That's what we need...." A street boy climbs over the balcony rail. Lieutenant: "No, we do not want to buy any used condoms! Cut!" P.L.: "Wait!... Come in, my boy. Sit down.... Have a cigar.... Have a drink." He paces around the boy like an aroused tom cat. "What do you think about the French?" -Huh?" 'The French. The Colonial bastards who is sucking your live corpuscles." "Look mister. It cost two hundred francs to suck my corpuscule. Haven't lowered my rates since the year of the rindpest when all the tourists died, even the Scandinavians." P.L.: "You see? This is pure uncut boy in the street." "You sure can pick'em, boss." "M.I. never misses." P.L.: "Now look, kid, let's put it this way. The French have dispossessed you of your birthright." "You mean like Friendly Finance?... They got this toothless Egyptian eunuch does the job. They figure he arouse less antagonism, you dig, he always take down his pants to show you his condition. 'Now I'm just a poor old eunuch trying to keep up my habit. Lady, I'd like to give you an extension on that artificial kidney, I got a job to do is all.... Disconnect her, boys.' He shows his gums in a feeble snarl.... 'Not for nothing am I known as Nellie the ъepossessor.' "So they disconnect my own mother, the sainted old gash, and she swell up and turn black and the whole souk stink of piss and the neighbors beef to the Board of Health and my father say: 'It's the will of Allah. She won't piss any more of my loot down the drain.' "Sick people disgust me already. When some citizen start telling me about his cancer of the prostate or his rotting septum make with that purulent discharge I tell him: 'You think I am innarested to hear about your horrible old condition? I am not innarested at all.' " P.L.: "All right. Cut... You hate the French, don't you?" "Mister, I hate everybody. Doctor Benway says it's metabolic, I got this condition of the blood.... Arabs and Americans got it special.... Doctor Benway is concocting this serum." P.L.: "Benway is an infiltrating Western Agent." L.l: "A rampant French Jew..." L.2: "A hog-balled, black-assed Communist Jew Nig- ger. P.L.: "Shut up, you fool!" L.2: "Sorry, chief. I am after being stationed in Pigeonhole." P.L.: "Don't go near Benway." (Aside: "I wonder if this will go down. You never know how primitive they are....") "Confidentially he's a black magician." L.l: "He's got this resident djinn." "Uhuh... Well I got a date with a high-type Ameri- can client. A real classy fellah." P.L.: "Don't you know it's shameful to peddle your ass to the alien unbelieving pricks?" "Well that's a point of view. Have fun." P.L.: "Likewise." Exit boy. "They're hopeless I tell you. Hopeless." L.l. "What's with this serum?" P.L.: "I don't know, but it sounds ominous. We better put a telepathic direction finder on Benway. The man's not to be trusted. Might do almost anything.... Turn a massacre into a sex orgy.... "Or a joke." "Precisely. Arty type... No principles..." AMEъICAN HOUSEWIFE (opening a box of Lux): "Why don't it have an electric eye the box Hip open when it see me and hand itself to the Automat Handy Man he should put it inna water already.... The Handy Man is outa control since Thursday, he been getting physical with me and I didn't put it in his combination at all.... And the Garbage Disposal Unit snapping at me, and the nasty old Mixmaster keep trying to get up under my dress.... I got the most awful cold, and my intes- tines is all constipated.... I'm gonna put it in the Handy Man's combination he should administer me a high colonic awready." SALESMAN (he is something between an aggressive Latah and a timid Sender): "ъecollect when I am travelling with K. E., hottest idea man in the gadget industry. "'Think of it!' he snaps. 'A cream seperator in your own kitchen!' " 'K. E., my brain reels at the thought.' " 'It's five, maybe ten, yes, maybe twenty years away. ...But it's coming.' "'I'll wait, K. E. No matter how long it is I'll wait. When the priority numbers are called up yonder I'll be there.' "It was K. E. put out the Octopus Kit for Massage Parlors, Barber Shops and Turkish Baths, with which you can administer a high colonic, an unethical mas- sage, a shampoo, whilst cutting the client's toenails and removing his blackheads. And the M.D.'s Can Do Kit for busy practitioners will take out your appendix, tuck in a hernia, pull a wisdom tooth, ectomize your piles and circumcise you. Well, K. E. is such an atomic sales- man if he runs out of Octopus Kits he is subject, by sheer charge, to sell an M.D. Can Do to a barber shop and some citizen wakes up with his piles cut out.... "'Jesus, Homer, what kinda creep joint you running here? I been gang fucked.' "'Well, landsake, Si, I was just aiming to administer our complimentary high colonic free and gratis on Thanksgiving Day. K. E. musta sold me the wrong kit again....' " Marz Hvsvrxa: "What a boy hasta put up with in this business. Gawd! The propositions I get you wouldn't believe it.... They wanta play Latah, they wanta merge with my protoplasm, they want a replica cutting, they wanta suck my orgones, they wanta take over my past experience and leave old memories that disgust me.... "I am fucking this citizen so I think, 'A straight John at last'; but he comes to a climax and turns himself into some kinda awful crab.... I told him, 'Jack, I don't hafta stand still for such a routine like this.... You can take that business to Walgreen's.' Some people got no class to them. Another horrible old character just sits there and telepathizes and creams in his dry goods. So nasty." The bum boys fall back in utter confusion to the brink of the Soviet network where Cossacks hang parti- sans to the wild wail of bagpipes and the boys march up Fifth Avenue to be met by Jimmy Walkover with the keys to The Kingdom and no strings attached carry them loose in your pocket.... Why so pale and wan, fair bugger? Smell of dead leeches in a rusty tin can latch onto that live wound, suck out the body and blood and bones of Jeeeeesus, leave him paralyzed from the waist down. Yield up thy forms, boy, to thy sugar daddy got the exam three years early and know all the answer books fix the World Series. Slunk traffickers tail a pregnant cow to her labor. The farmer declares a couvade, rolls screaming in bullshit. The veterinarian wrestles with a cow skeleton. The traf- fickers machinegun each other, dodging through the machinery and silos, storage bins, haylofts and mangers of a vast red barn. The calf is born. The forces of death melt in morning. Farm boy kneels reverently -- his throat pulses in the rising sun. Junkies sitting on the courthouse steps, waiting on The Man. ъed Necks in black stetsons and faded Levis tie a Nigra boy to an old iron lamppost and cover him with burning gasoline.... The junkies rush over and draw the flesh smoke deep into their aching lungs.... They really got relief.... The County Clerk: "So there I was sitting in front of Jed's store over in Cunt Lick my peter standing up straight as a jack pine under my Levis just apulsin' in the sun.... Weell, old Doc Scranton walks by, a good old boy too, there's not a finer man in this valley than Doc Scranton. He's got a prolapsed asshole and when he wants to get screwed he'll pass you his ass on three feet of in-tes-tine.... If he's a mind to it he can drop out a piece of gut reaches from his office clear over to ъoy's Beer Place, and it go feelin' around lookin' for a peter, just afeelin' around like a blind worm.... So old Doc Scranton sees my peter and he stops like a pointin' dog and he says to me, 'Luke, I can take your pulse from here.' " Browbeck and Young Seward fight with hog castra- tors through barns and cages and yiping kennels... whinnying horses bare great yellow teeth, cows bellow, dogs howl, copulating cats scream like babies, a pen of huge hogs, spines bristling, give a great Bronx cheer. Browbeck the Unsteady has fallen to the sword of Young Seward, clutches at blue intestines spurting from an eight-inch gash. Young Seward cuts off Brow- beck's cock and holds it pulsing in the smoky rose sun- rise.... Browbeck screams... subway brakes spit ozone.... "Stand back, folks.... Stand back." "They say somebody pushed him." "He was weaving around unsteady like he couldn't see good." "Too much smoke in the eyes, I guess." Mary the Lesbian Governess has slipped to the pub floor on a bloody kotex.... A three-hundred-pound fag tramples her to death with pathic whinnies.... He sings in hideous falsetto: He is trampling out the vintage cohere the grapes of [wrath are stored, He has loosed the fatal lightning of his terrible swift [sword. He pulls a gilded wooden sword and chops the air. His corset flies off and whistles into the dart board. The old bullfighter's sword buckles on bone and whistles into the heart of the Espontaneo, pins his un- consummate valor to the stands. "So this elegant faggot comes to New York from Cunt Lick, Texas, and he is the most piss elegant fag of them all. He is taken up by old women of the type batten on young fags, toothless old predators too weak and too slow to run down other prey. Old moth-eaten tigress shit sure turn into a fag eater.... So this citizen, being an arty and crafty fag, begins making costume jewelry and jewelry sets. Every rich old gash in Greater New York wants he should do her sets, and he is making money, 21, El Morocco, Stork, but no time for sex, and all the time worrying about his rep..., He begins play- ing the horses, supposed to be something manly about gambling God knows why, and he figures it will build him up to be seen at the track. Not many fags play the horses, and those that play lose more than the others, they are lousy gamblers plunge in a losing streak and hedge when they win... which being the pattern of their lives.... Now every child knows there is one law of gambling: winning and losing come in streaks. Plunge when you win, fold when you lose. ( I once knew a fag dip into the till -- not the whole two thousand at once on the nose win or Sing Sing. Not our Gertie... Oh no a deuce at a time... ) "So he loses and loses and lose some more. One day he is about to put a rock in a set when the obvious oc- cur. 'Of course, I'll replace it later.' Famous last words. So all that winter, one after the other, the diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies and star sapphires of the haut monde go in hock and replaced by queer replicas.... "So the opening night of the Met this old hag appear as she thinks resplendent in her diamond tiara. So this other old whore approach and say, 'Oh, Miggles, you're so smart... to leave the real ones at home.... I mean we're simply mad to go around tempting fate.' " 'You're mistaken, my dear. These are real.' " 'Oh but Miggles dahling, they're not.... I mean ask your jeweler.... Well just ask anybody. Haaaaaa.' "So a Sabbath is hastily called. (Lucy Bradshinkel, look to thy emeralds. ) All these old witches examining their rocks like a citizen find leprosy on himself. " 'My chicken blood ruby!' " 'My black oopalls!' Old bitch marry so many times so many gooks and spics she don't know her accent from her ass.... " 'My stah sahphire!' shriek a poule de luxe. 'Oh it's all so awfull' " 'I mean they are strictly from Woolworth's....' " 'There's only one thing to do. I'm going to call the police,' says a strong-minded, outspoken old thing; and she clump across the floor on her low heels and calls the fuzz." "Well, the faggot draws a deuce; and in the box he meets this cat who is some species of cheap hustler, and love sets in or at least a facsimile thereof convince the parties inna first and second parts. As continuity would have it, they are sprung at the same time more or less and take up residence in a fiat on the Lower East Side. ...And cook in and both are working legit modest jobs. ...So Brad and Jim know happiness for the first time. "Enter the powers of evil.... Lucy Bradshinkel has come to say all is forgiven She has faith in Brad and wants to set him up in a studio. Of course, he will have to move to the East Sixties.... 'This place is impossible, dahling; and your friend...' And a safe mob wants Jim back to drive a car. This is a step up, you dig? Offer from citizens hardly see him before. "Will Jim go back to crime? Will Brad succumb to the blandishments of an aging vampire, a ravening Maw?... Needless to say, the forces of evil are routed and exit with ominous snarls and mutterings. " 'The Boss isn't going to like this.' " 'I don't know why I ever wasted my time with you, you cheap, vulgar little fairy.' "The boys stand at the tenement window, their arms around each other, looking at the Brooklyn Bridge. A warm spring wind ruffles Jim's black curls and the fine hennaed hair of Brad. " 'Well, Brad, what's for supper?' " 'You just go in the other room and wait.' Playfully he shoos Jim out of the kitchen, and puts on his apron. "Dinner is Lucy Bradshinkel's cunt saignant cooked in kotex papillon. The boys eat happily looking into each other's eyes. Blood runs down their chins." Let the dawn blue as a flame cross the city.... The backyards are clean of fruit, and the ash pits give up their hooded dead.... "Could you show me the way to Tipperary, lady?" Over the hills and far away to Blue Grass.... Across the bone meal of lawn to the frozen pond where sus- pended goldfish wait for the spring Squaw Man. The screaming skull rolls up the back stairs to bite off the cock of erring husband taking dour advantage of his wife's earache to do that which is inconvenient. The young landlubber dons a southwester, beats his wife to death in the shower.... Benway: "Don't take it so hard, kid.... 'Jeder macht eine kleine Dummheit.'" (Everyone makes a little dumbness. ) Schafer: "I tell you I can't escape a feeling... well, of evil about this." Benway: "Balderdash, my boy... We're scientists. ...Pure scientists. Disinterested research and damned be him who cries 'Hold, too much1' Such people are no better than

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